TechIdeate ( Manipal University TechFest)

Event Details:-

TechIdeate, the annual technical fest of Manipal University Jaipur is back with it’s latest edition to spread the technical euphoria.It is a platform for one and all to experience the world of technology. In this exhilarating season of technical innovations, TechIdeate’19 provides you with a plethora of events, workshops and an ocean full of opportunities.

Event date-March 16-17, 2019

Events List :-

1.Deathon , 2.Codeathon 3.Hackathon 4.Nitro GP
5.Buzz 6.Datathon 7.All Terrain 8../a.out 9.Capture the flag

10.Bamboo Irrigtion 11.Lathe War 12.Drone Race
13.Soap Box Derby 14.Bamboozled 15.Game hack 16.Submission for Stability
17.Indian Parliamentry Debate 18Hack the Box 19.Fix it to fill it 20.Break it Make it
21.Stress it out 22.Cartist 23.Webathon

Workshops :-

1.IoT with raspberry pi
2.Artificial Intelligence with Python
6.Deep Learning by Nvidia
7.Cache Efficient Computing

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